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Invitations for weddings can range from ultra formal to less formal. They may, or may not include a picture of the couple, and they will always give your guests that special feeling of being invited to attend the beginning of your lives together.

This is one area where the etiquette expertise of a Wedding Consultant will really help. There are many different ways to detail the information on your invitation which can get confusing, and there is certain information to include. In short, you would always include:

  • The names of the couple who is getting married
  • Who, if other than the couple, is doing the inviting
  • When the event is taking place (day of the week, date, and time of day)
  • Where the event will be held, and if there are two separate locations, information for the second location. If only family and close friends are being invited to the ceremony and the reception, while others are invited only to the reception, you may have a separate ceremony enclosure card.
  • RSVP information (if needed, which might be printed on the invitation itself, or on a separate enclosure card which requires a self addressed, stamped envelope)


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