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There are several reasons that clients hire a Wedding Consultant:

Not enough time. More couples have full time jobs, and their parents work full time as well. This leaves little time to plan and take care of all the detailed tasks to put a wedding together. Planning a wedding can be a full time job in itself. Most brides don’t have the time, the knowledge, or the interest in doing it themselves. There can be an overwhelming number of choices, to-do’s, and stressors that come with planning an event. A Wedding Consultant will help alleviate that stress by offering time & money saving suggestions, offer expert advice and foresee critical elements that will help your special day run smoothly.

Personal and family complications. Weddings are more complicated now then when our parents and grandparents were married. Now it is more common for couples to marry across religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. It is also more common for couples to have been previously married.

Confusion about etiquette. Most people are confused about wedding etiquette, nor do they have the time to research their questions. Couples feel secure having a professional available to solve any etiquette mysteries.

Too far away. Couples sometimes live in another part of the state, or country, from where the wedding will take place. They need someone who is familiar with the local scene to manage the planning details.

A limited budget. A Wedding Consultant assists couples in sticking to their budget by watching expenses and recommending only the appropriate vendors. Money is actually saved because the Consultant knows how to get the most for the money that is available.


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